The Game


Embark on a desperate mission through the depths of a war-torn wasteland and unforgiving landscape of Siberia. Command a legion of soldiers desperately trying to make their way home amidst the chaos of civil war. Lead them through the unforgiving wilderness onboard an armored train.


The Last Train Home is a compelling narrative that portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion and their determination to return to their newly formed republic following The Great War. Caught in the middle of a brutal civil war between Russia's Red and White Armies, this mission will test your courage and will to survive.


As you journey through the heart of the conflict, the horrors of war will surround you. The fate of your legion rests on the actions of a few key soldiers as you engage in real-time battles that will determine the outcome of your mission. You must choose your tactics wisely, using every skill to safeguard your troops and complete your mission.


    Deploy your squad and complete diverse objectives in a series of real-time missions where specialist combat skills, planning, and superior tactics will lead you to victory.


    Level up your men by unlocking new skills and gathering better equipment – discover their stories, assign medals, and help them rise up through the ranks.


    Direct your soldiers in their non-combat roles onboard the train. Craft items, heal your wounded, and restore morale for the arduous journey home.


    Unlock your armored train’s full potential by upgrading the carriages and locomotive and oversee important maintenance work to keep it running.


    Stockpile and trade supplies, make new allies, and overcome crisis after crisis as civil war rages across the vast snowfields of Siberia.


    The Last Train Home, is compelling narrative that portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion and their valiant fight on behalf of the Entente powers during World War I.

The Train

Storage Car

The storage car is one of the most essential. It is here that all cargo is stored, from food and materials to military equipment, such as weapons and ammunition. The car can be upgraded; for example, with an improved cargo storage system that increases capacity.

Kitchen Car

With the kitchen car, soldiers can look forward to meals that are a vast improvement on their basic military rations. The car can offer up to three workstations, providing space for the cooks to work comfortably at close quarters. This car can also be upgraded to feature superior insulation and a stove.

Infantry Car

Soldiers consider the infantry car their home away from home. When upgraded, it can offer accommodation for up to twelve people. For colder climates, it can be fitted with a stove and improved insulation.

Hospital Car

Medics in combat can only provide basic medical treatment, a hospital car is used to provide more specialized and comprehensive care. In addition to space for operations and patient recovery, you can also find a research and crafting station here. The wagon can be upgraded to provide better conditions for both doctors and patients.

Workshop Car

The workshop car is the base for the development and production of new equipment. If you want to craft ammunition, upgrade weapons and uniforms, you must have a workshop car. There’s room for up to four engineers to work in. However, to unlock the car’s full potential, be sure to upgrade it.

Artillery Car

The artillery car is comprised of two armored turrets with long-range cannon. Owing to its durable steel plating, it is best positioned at the front of the train, where it can deflect incoming damage. If the gun turrets are manned, they can provide distant fire support for infantry units on a mission. Machine gun emplacements are also housed inside this car and help defend the train when attacked.


The Grandpa was one of the first types of Russian steam locomotives. During the First World War, the locomotive was often used on armoured trains because of its sturdy construction and small size. The Grandpa delivers a balance between speed and power, making it a versatile choice.


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